So if you have made your pick between Mobile and Web development, let’s check the top languages for Android app development. Java is also a secured programming language that runs inside the virtual machine sandbox. However, you should get in touch with a web development company to build an existing application. Kotlin is a programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and can also be compiled to JavaScript or native code. It is officially supported by Google for Android app development and has a growing ecosystem of libraries and frameworks. It also has good interoperability with Java, which makes it easy to integrate into existing Java projects.

to Choose Kotlin Language and Professional Service Provider

Kotlin is an object-oriented language, and a “better language” than Java, but still be fully interoperable with Java code. Kotlin is both an object-oriented (OOP) and a functional language. It has great support for higher-order functions, function types, and lambdas, so it can easily be used in both object-oriented and functional programming styles.


Kotlin also has a lot of extra tools, such as libraries and frameworks, that can help with making apps. It is also fully supported by Android Studio, which is the official program for making Android apps. Now, if you’ve read the https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ entire content, you must have decided on your choice. Your project team’s experience and project size will determine which is suitable for you. We have a quality-oriented team of developers who are masters in app development.

We then used a bridging header to connect the Kotlin code with the iOS SDK and called the function in the ViewController.swift file. So the syntax would no different from the parent language which gives us the benefit of using Kotlin for development. Kotlin multiplatform, on the other hand, does not have any predefined steps to follow. Instead, it allows the UI developer the freedom to build an app with no limitations. Kotlin is a programming language that looks and feels a lot like Java.

History of Kotlin

Java is a powerful programming language used to develop various applications and services. It is similar to other well-known programming languages such as C++ and BASIC. Java is an Object Oriented Programming Language (OOPL) that is intended to describe objects and their interactions.

  • While Kotlin is built on top of Java and runs on the JVM, Java’s long-standing maturity gives it an edge in terms of raw performance.
  • But the real difference here is that Kotlin supports type inference where the variable type does not need to be declared.
  • With its abundance of community support and learning materials that you can find online, app developers can use Kotlin to develop apps for the Android platform.
  • Kotlin is both an object-oriented (OOP) and a functional language.
  • Every developer can join a Kotlin Slack channel where he can get support and help from other Kotlin devs.
  • Now you can declare inner(local) functions inside other functions and they will have access to the variables declared in the external context.

Kotlin provides an interesting set of tools to extend the simple term “function”. Now we can use all that stuff JS developers talk about and even more. In the last year, Kotlin started to become popular, that is why it is not easy to find highly skillful Kotlin developers today. Java’s historical dominance in Android development is evident, as many older Android apps were written in Java. While Kotlin is gaining ground, Java still remains a viable option for Android development, especially for maintaining existing codebases. Kotlin has seen a significant surge in popularity over the past few years, especially in Android development.

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Kotlin For Android App Development

It enforces strict null checks, ensuring variables are either initialized or explicitly marked as nullable, enhancing code robustness. The community and library support play a crucial role in the success and growth of a programming language. From the development side it helps you remove long boilerplate code and keep everything clean and short. If you are already a Java programmer, learning Kotlin shouldn’t be too hard and it’s okay to take your time at it.

to Choose Kotlin Language and Professional Service Provider

The programmers or the app developers have been using Java for many years for Android app development. But that doesn’t define that Java is the best choice for developers. But the limitations like being an old, verbose, error-prone, and slow modernization are making Java a less preferable language option for Android app developers. There have been a lot of arguments going around after the release of Kotlin.

Companion Objects:

My first desire was to go and extend the String class with my is Empty() method, in order not to use the external call TextUtils.isEmpty(). It turned out that I was late and the developers of Kotlin had already thought about it and added a String.isNullOrEmpty() method which does exactly what I needed. Since its introduction, Kotlin’s popularity has skyrocketed, and its community continues to expand rapidly. Java’s performance has been time-tested and optimized over the years. While Kotlin is built on top of Java and runs on the JVM, Java’s long-standing maturity gives it an edge in terms of raw performance. For high-performance computing or resource-intensive applications, Java might be the preferred choice.

Some of the most popular programs that employ Kotlin include Microsoft Word, Huawei Video Player, and Samsung Experience Service. Kotlin is being aggressively promoted by Google and JetBrains, so it is unsurprising that more and more visible companies have publicly declared their usage of Kotlin. This feature allows objects to be immutable, which means that once created, an object can’t be changed in the future. If you need to change an object, you should create a mutable copy of the immutable object, change it, and continue working with it. Immutable objects are thread safe; because they can’t be changed, there is no need to sync them and there are no concurrency problems.

Websites about Kotlin

It means that all the code that is inside the parentheses will be executed in the place where the call to view.setup() occurs. This approach is very convenient for implementing builders and tree structures. JS-developers use these things every other day, https://www.globalcloudteam.com/10-reasons-why-you-need-kotlin-development-company/ while doing the AJAX-request and transmitting anonymous functions as callbacks. In the very Python this has been implemented initially and is known by the term “decorators”. It is simple and convenient and not accessible to every Android developer.

to Choose Kotlin Language and Professional Service Provider

Java and Kotlin have many syntax similarities and the process of making new classes is identical. So, a coder well-versed with Java will easily adapt to this improved version of Java. Support for multiplatform programming is one of Kotlin’s key benefits. It reduces time spent writing and maintaining the same code for different platforms while retaining the flexibility and benefits of native programming. Here you’ll learn how to develop and improve your cross-platform mobile application using Kotlin Multiplatform.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Programming Language

JavaJava is the oldest and the official native language of Android; it is also the most popular mobile application. However, it is a rather tricky mobile development tool to master and can be sluggish. Kotlin has a lot of traction in Android development and compiles to almost every platform. It’s more concise and expressive than Java and switching is easy. There’s built-in null safety support, but Kotlin does come with a steep learning curve and has a smaller developer community.

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