Best CRM Software For Startups Platform Comparison 2023

Best CRM Software For Startups Platform Comparison 2023

You can make Pipedrive entirely your own and always have a clear insight into where your startup is and where it’s going. We built Pipedrive with other startups in mind, so it’s flexible and results-oriented. When these steps are done, set some reminders to check in and review your progress on CRM implementation. From https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ here, analyze your list of top CRM options with them and see how it fits into their workday. Ask them for their input on all the options and encourage them to take a free trial and share their feedback on each option with you. Check out how Pipedrive CRM gives you peace of mind when it comes to privacy and security.

What is CRM for startups

In addition, they can increase sales by 29%, forecast accuracy by 44%, and salesforce productivity by 32% – according to a study conducted by Salesforce, a leading CRM solutions provider. As a startup, getting set up with business software is a double-edged sword. Pipedrive is a visual, intuitive CRM built by sales professionals who wanted a better way to manage their contact data and workflows. Small businesses can create visual pipelines and sales forecasts, send email campaigns, and manage contracts with a few simple clicks. Bigin is like the little brother of Zoho CRM, one of the industry leaders in CRM software. Bigin includes the basic functionality that small teams need, priced for small businesses.

CRM for startups: Finding the best customer relationship management tool

With a native time tracker, sales automation, and granular permissions, you can manage your sales team efficiently. When analysing the best free CRM software available, Forbes Advisor considered an array of factors, including features, customer support, ease of use, user experiences and integrations. Assigning a weighted score to each value, we then narrowed the field to the seven best free CRMs on the market. Additionally, paid crm for startups CRMs often offer more robust customer support, which can be critical for businesses that rely heavily on their CRM software to manage their operations. Ultimately, the decision to choose a free or paid CRM solution will depend on the specific needs and resources of the business. Choosing a free CRM can be a great option for small businesses and start-ups looking to manage their customer relationships without breaking the bank.

In response, you can use your CRM’s marketing segmentation and automation tools to nurture that customer to become a repeat buyer. Simply segment the customer into a category specifying their “new customer” status and their product interest. Then, create and launch an email sequence to automatically nurture more sales from that customer and similar ones. It gathers data about each customer or lead, then offers an analysis of that data so marketers, sales reps and other functional members of your company can better serve your leads or customers.

Act! CRM Reviews: Features, Pricing & Alternatives In 2023

Key benefits include customer retention and engagement, a better understanding of customer needs, and faster identification and resolution of customer issues. In 2019, data from Freshworks Inc. revealed that only 12% of CRM software users had incorporated AI tools, but that 75% were interested in exploring the capabilities offered by AI technologies. To determine the best CRM services for small businesses, Forbes Advisor researched 24 providers in the space and narrowed it down to the 10 top providers.

What is CRM for startups

This makes Salesforce Essentials a robust yet accessible tool, ideally suited to meet the evolving needs of your SaaS startup. HubSpot doesn’t just offer basic CRM tools; it provides a comprehensive suite designed to help startups grow. From email tracking to scheduling, it covers a broad spectrum of needs. Plus, with valuable resources like the HubSpot Academy, you can get even more from the platform.


Marketing CRMs, such as other CRMs, gather data on your customers and offer you a holistic view of each customer. But they go further with marketing tools that help you target and automate campaigns. Whether it’s going viral on Instagram or trending on Tiktok, when the leads start pouring in, pen, paper, and small business tools won’t cut it.

  • Unlike some of the other platforms in this list, Bitrix24 is a team collaboration tool with CRM-specific functionalities.
  • Find the perfect match to support your business’s unique needs and budget.
  • Startups rely on CRM software to provide the customer experiences that improve metrics such as customer acquisition and churn rates.
  • With just a couple of clicks your business data transfers between apps automatically making it a breeze to run repetitive business tasks.

It also sports built-in forecasting, integrations with other software such as Google Apps, MailChimp and Zapier and an API for those who like to “roll their own” software solutions. Price plans, hidden fees, customer reviews, and customer support are also assessed in the selection process. As its name suggests, Really Simple Systems CRM is an easy-to-use platform designed for growing B2B teams. It promises to empower sales teams, offering standard CRM features like contact management, pipeline management, reporting, and seamless email integrations. With popular features like pipeline visualization, automated workflows, and deal management, EngageBay offers one the best free CRM for startups platforms.

Best Free CRM for Startups: Top 7 in 2023 to Boost Your Sales

Luckily, with free CRM tools for startups, you can save time and other resources and manage customer relations with ease. This way, you can shift your focus from admin tasks to expanding your business. This contact management software was designed specifically for small businesses. The app has a simple pricing model, and you can set up pipelines within minutes.

Additionally, the platform’s robust set of team-oriented features and customization options may not be of much use for smaller teams. Overall, FreeAgent is a great choice for startups looking for a highly versatile CRM platform that you can customize to your and the sales team’s liking. Besides, you can integrate FreeAgent with 100+ applications, with the ability to expand your options through Zapier. Moreover, pricing plans have limitations on the number of users, pipelines, custom form fields, and email templates. Users generally report that Zoho’s customer service is often slow and not always helpful.

Pipedrive (best sales CRM for startups)

For example, monday sales CRM includes activity management features to log any call or email communication and integrates with Gmail for email tracking. Once collected, your CRM begins to also track the data within it on a large-overview scale. It can, for example, track leads from acquisition to closing, conversion rates, customer retention, sales forecasts and customer turnover. Then, analytics tools within your CRM software create real-time reports on overall trends.

What is CRM for startups

However, cheaper plans have a lot of limitations, so if you’re willing to pay for a high-tier plan, you’ll get the most for your money. Startups often require multiple software solutions to run their operations efficiently. The best CRMs are intuitive and easy to learn, allowing businesses to start using them quickly without having to invest in extensive training or hiring IT staff just to get up and running. Making the most of your data is crucial for any startup, and without the ability to analyze it, you may miss out on critical insights that can lead to success.

Salesforce Essentials

Once a lead is entered, you can nurture the lead with email proposals, calendar scheduling, and proposal and contract management to seal the deal. At any moment, you can know where your pipeline stands with dashboards and sales forecasting. Manual data entry is something no business owner wants to spend time or energy doing, ever. CRM systems save small business owners time by automating call logs and notes, entering company data, and more. Our reviews are made by a team of experts before being written and come from real-world experience. The ability to drag and drop to add, remove and edit data columns is a must-have feature in any CRM for startups.

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