Feed Buddy Machine Review – What Expert Says?

Feed Buddy Machine Review

Feed Buddy Machine Review – What Expert Says?

A new and exciting cricket product is taking the world of cricket by storm. A revolutionary new batting aid that provides accurate feeds allowing batsmen to practice alone for hours has been named as “Feed Buddy”. It is a unique cricket bowling machine that is designed to facilitate the training of cricket players without any partner or any other assistance.

Feed Buddy Machine – First Impression

At first glance, you will be amazed at its size. It is small, compact, lightweight and ready to use. Powered by small batteries, it can be used anywhere by players of any age group.

How to Set & Play with Feed Buddy Machine:

  • Get the machine and accessories out of the box.
  • Fix the 4 batteries in the space at the bottom of the machine.
  • Just fit the ball stackers at the top of the machine and put the balls into it.
  • Select the feeding length from the nob on the side for closer or longer feed. There are 4 settings to choose from.
  • Switch on the machine and start playing.

The Feed Buddy Bowling machine can be used in your back yards for the kids / or can be used in the streets or playgrounds for practicing cricketers. It can store up to 10 balls and works well with light bowling machine balls and even tennis balls.

Feed Buddy would release a ball every 5 seconds through its automatic system. With new batteries, you would get up to 20,000 throws of balls. This cricket bowling machine is great for improving the technique of players and mastering particular shots like lofted shots, sweep shots, reverse sweep shots.

Feed Buddy Machine Technical Specifications

In Box Content

Feed Buddy machines can be purchased with or without balls. If you have purchased the Feed Buddy machine with balls, it will come with the following items –

  • One Feed Buddy Automatic Bowling Machine
  • Ball stacker
  • 6 feed buddy machine balls
  • 3 Lawn Tennis Balls
  • 4 Batteries

Pros & Cons of the Feed Buddy Machine

After a few hours of practice with the Feed Buddy bowling machine, below is what we think perfectly describes this machine –


  1. It has an awesome design which makes it compact and lightweight.
  2. It is easier to get the machine launched.
  3. It can be used anywhere from backyards, drive ways, streets or grounds.
  4. You can adjust the length of feed according to playing level.
  5. It is useful for every age group from kids to serious players.
  6. When new batteries in place, machine can throw about 20,000 feeds.


  1. The machine supports only 4 types of ball feeding.
  2. It won’t show any indication when batteries get exhausted.
  3. The ball stacker can hold up to 10 balls only.

The Bottom Line

We have tested the unique Feed Buddy bowling machine in backyards, streets and grounds as well. It is one of the coolest gadgets that every home should have as it can be used for playing cricket alone by the kids or their parents or aspiring cricketers for perfecting the techniques with 4 different lengths of feed.

If you want to advance your skills, all you need to do is drills and repetitions of longer practice session which is the key to success. Moreover, it provides you a personal practice partner on which you can always count upon.

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